Case Study 1

Nutrient Content Comparison, Reaching Conventional Levels

Using chicken manure and vermicompost extracts, organic liquid nutrient solution was brewed, achieving nutrient content similar as of conventional hydroponic nutrient solution based on the Hoagland recipe, achieving all recommended range of nutrients for hydroponic cultivation.

Blue and brown Bar Graph showing nutrients levels of plants
Green Bar Graph showing nutrients levels of plants
Case Study 2

Replacing Nitrogen Demand With Residual Organic Matter

A hydroponic grower having a nearby chicken farm. Using our service, a weekly fertilizer can be brewed from locally available organic nutrients. Replacing the Nitrogen supply of a conventional hydroponic recipe with precisely processed manure extract, 15% mass increase was achieved for Basil.

Bar Graph about the Average Plant Fresh Mass in three different trials

T1 : Only chicken manure and vermicompost extracts
T2: Nitrogen sourced from chicken manure in a modified Hoagland recipe
T3: Hoagland nutrient solution

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